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I need your shoes expertise, runners!!!

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    Originally posted by GiorgosD View Post
    BusyBumbleBee if you can tell me, what is your foot type? Because I had NBs before and, as far as I can recall, I was quite satisfied... Also, any models to focus on, would be much appreciated.!!! Cowtownbaldie really??? I have the same problem, being a hard road-hitter (even though thin)... Do you custom-make the insoles, or are they available at stores?
    Big help from both!!! Thanks!!!
    I buy my insoles at the Drug Store. They are made by Dr. Scholls. Hey, it works for me but it may not work for you. If you are fortunate enough to have coverage for orthodics, I hear they are good too but you have to see a professional for those. So the above mentioned insoles work for me. I am not a long-distance runner. I jog a little and walk a ton.


      Buying discounted models by feel is completely ok. The feel should just be more than „hey I like the description and the color“ You absolutely need to have the opportunity to try them on and run a few laps in the store or on a treadmill or in your flat.
      I took part in a shoe test event once where you could test run all kinds of different shoes... and for me the gist of that was that what feels great while trying them on usually stays that way. I had two exceptions, one were my feet started to fall asleep after about 1k and one where my feet kept cramping up even after 40k total mileage. The first just dis not work fir some reason, the latter where specially stabilized shoes that are totally wrong for my foot.
      The others already felt wrong somehow after just getting into them. Just the sane brand is not a guarantee for a good fit btw. There’s another NB model with a bit more cushioning for neutral feet that felt just meh when trying them on...
      So get yourself some variety and check what feels right, to you.