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Need some tips for covid times

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  • Need some tips for covid times

    Hello guys!

    I used to work out and run on a gym and decided to try some bodyweight only routine to keep active. Right now I am working out twice a day to deal with ansiety. I decided to go for a mix of hiit and matial ats by the mourning and stength work later on. So the best option for me seemed to be combat hiit plus sterength protocol. But it seems to me that by doing both complete I might overtrain some muscles. Does anyone have any tip on how to mix stuff?


    If you do the two programs that you like on a low difficulty level they are lighter and you can always raise the level of difficulty as you procede


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      That is what I am doing high now. I go lightly on combat hit and hard on the other one. Was just wondering if there ar ways to make them more compatible. Thanks for your help!!


        Originally posted by Groselha_Viking View Post
        Was just wondering if there ar ways to make them more compatible.
        Unfortunately no, each program is a separate thing, except the addon ones.
        Personally even if the strength exercises are better in the evening I moved them in the morning and I do some cardio after and in the afternoon so as not to risk arriving in the evening to do the most intense workout already a little tired.
        You have to make some adjustments yourself and see what works best for you


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          Thanks, man!

          In case anyone is trying something similar and happens to come to this post:

          What I am doing is planning ahead. I chose to strenght protocol as my priority, so I look for the next 2 days of it before starting combat hiit and go easy om stuff that might impact negatively on strenght protocol. I don't skip anything but avoid going to the limit.