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    Up at 07:00 if I need to chair a meeting, earlier if I need to travel, 07:15 otherwise. Drink water from the get go (those 8 glasses won't drink themselves). Ready to go out to the world at 07:35. Usually try to squeeze some daily dare equivalent in those 20 minutes. Clapped push ups times 20 or 40 push ups on a row, jump squats *40 or 40-50 plank rotations, rotating on the exercises. My left wrist doesn't seem to take the clapped push ups lately so just push ups.

    Then if the weather is not too bad I take a specific bus that leaves me at 25 minuted of half run/brisk walk from work. Otherwise I run 4 minutes to the bus stop.

    And that's all I manage to squeeze as sports in my routine, the change of place and cointry has kind of ruined a lot of my habits.

    Edit: forgot the half an hour speed walk in the evening.


      morning prayer
      2 ritz with peanut butter
      start coffee fresh brewed
      was walking 30min at 3.6 mph
      eggtoast, or banana nut whaffle, or 2 blue berry pancakes
      the get ready for classes

      working to get my degree in education.


        Do you have a morning routine? yes
        When does your day begin? 0430, wake up, brush teeth, lace my shoes, don my tactical vest, start my Garmin and do a 6.2 mile while its still cool outside
        Do you work out in the morning? What is it usually? cardio in the AM (fasted cardio) weights after work to get the aggression out
        Do you have coffee / a smoothie when you get up? Morning Coffee or an energy drink if a have an early meeting,
        Do you watch TV early on? only on Tuesday i watch the titan games after my cardio and shower as i get in my uniform


          Do you have a morning routine?
          When does your day begin?
          Do you work out in the morning? What is it usually?
          Do you have coffee / a smoothie when you get up?
          Do you watch TV early on?
          Any dog walkers / morning runners in the Hive?
          Sort of but not really
          Usually wake at 6, we take it in turns to make a coffee and bring it back to bed. Drink coffee and watch TV until the little one comes in (between 6/6:30). Up at 7 to breakfast and another coffee. Upstairs about 8/8:30, workout clothes on, workout, get dressed.

          It's a bit more strict on timing when it's a work day, but that's only one day a week at the moment.

          I want to start running first thing in the morning once I get my treadmill, but we'll see how that works out


            I'm currently working remotely because of the coronavirus, but a normal morning prior to this was waking up around 5 a.m., walking the dog, having coffee and breakfast, getting ready, and then catching the bus to work by 6 a.m.. I'm in the lab by myself until about 9 a.m., which I actually like because I get a lot done.

            Currently I walk the dog at 5, go back to bed until about 8:30, stretch and do some light exercise (Good Morning, World), breakfast and coffee, then do my work hours.


              I have wake up from the bed at 6 AM & have done some aerobic exercise then taken a coffe with breakfast .


                It changes from time to time but the main routine is :
                Wake up at 6 am
                Turning on the radio (news)
                Tea + Breakfast
                Turning off the radio
                Brushing teeth + floss

                Then at 7 am I go to work or start working out depending of my schedule. Lately I've been adding chess puzzle practice during breakfast.


                  I​​​​​ have a morning routine. I become unorganized and grumpy when i skip my morning routine that's why I can't start my day without it. I used to walk/jog in the morning after making my bed but the lockdown situation in my country isn't really allowing that so I opted to do my workout and dance training at 5pm. I don't watch TV or use social media before lunch(2pm)

                  Mon to Fri
                  -Wake up at 8am, make bed
                  -take cold shower, brush teeth
                  -15min meditation
                  -30min reading
                  -drink black coffee before work starts

                  -i do the same routine except I sleep in and probably wake up around 9 or 10 lol.
                  -no coffee, but if I'm really craving, i might prepare decaf


                    My current Mon - Fri routine is -

                    Alarm goes off at 5, hit snooze for 5 more minutes then get up and fix my husband a cup of coffee. Let cat in and put dishes away while coffee is going. Get dressed, grab a banana, my work bag, my water and lunch if I am taking it and head out the door by 5:30a. If I'm lucky I remembered to set something out for dinner. The dogs know they will have to wait for my son to get up to be let out. I eat my banana around 6:30 then around 8 I eat my Special K cereal.

                    Sat I generally still get up at 5 to make the coffee for him, but go back to bed after and snooze off and on, watch tv and, or read until i feel like getting motivated to do something, or I am hungry.
                    Sunday is the same, but later in the morning and I actually sit out at the kitchen table for a while and listen to the news.


                      Depending on if I have appointments or not in the morning, I get dragged out of bed at some point by my other half and to the breakfast table to eat something. During breakfast I check my prepared timetable for the day for what I have to do. When I'm finished eating, I do the dishes and either open shop or do whatever. Most of the time I roam around outside with the dog until it's time for lunch.
                      This is more or less the same on the weekend, without opening shop on Sunday.


                        I getup from bed early in the morning around 5-6(AM) .Then i do meditate and then walk in the field.Then also take some coffeie.


                          Wake up 04:30am. Morning coffee and radio to get the news... Morning run or gym @06:00. Then shower, breakfast, day tasks or house maintenance... After lunch, writing and working on my master's thesis. Night, one or two episodes of the series I'm currently watching, and @22:30 pass out on bed (sometimes middle of the second episode in front of PC..!)