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    Weekdays: I get up at 6-7am ish. Do some Duolingo to delay getting out of bed, workout (Darebee or some other workout), make breakfast (oatmeal with berries and walnuts) and eat it while reading news, shower, get ready for work, leave.

    Weekends: not really a set routine, but it tends to be the same as on weekdays but maybe waking up later and I don't eat breakfast until later (waiting for my significant other to wake up...), sometimes it is more like lunch.


      Usually wake up at 7:30, with the alarm, dismiss said alarm, check the DD, then go back to sleep for another hour or so.
      Wake up again, see how long I slept in, go downstairs, eat breakfast, maybe with some tea. Let's not even talk about the bed hair...
      On weekends, I just sleep for longer.


        I feel like I wake up too early now.

        Up at 5:15am, get dressed and brush my teeth. Directly out to the kitchen where I drink a pint of water (mason jar) and make lunch. Once that is done I eat breakfast which is 170g of greek yogurt, 40g of oatmeal, a banana, and 8oz of whole milk. After that it is off to work where I will consume my half pot of coffee (I have a big coffee cup). At 10am I have lunch (this still seems to fit into morning for most people).

        I prefer to workout in the morning but I can't with my new work schedule so I workout in the evenings.


          typical workday morning up between 510 and 530. Finish my water on my nightstand, take my pills, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and prep lunches for myself and my husband (letting the dog out somewhere in there depending on when she comes down, feed the dog, attempt to do a few minor to-do list items, 3/4 mile walk the dog, finish whatever including checking email/social media and brush teeth, take the dog out to pee again before locking her up and head to work. Weekends a little more variability with times and the order of events and the length of the dog walk (sometimes longer). I've been trying to drink a green tea while getting ready but don't always remember. Don't usually turn on the tv.


            How my day starts depends on if I have early morning classes. Since I'm available for classes every day, and I work from home, weekends and weekdays are the same. I've been doing yoga everyday for the past week I think... it's helping me a lot.

            If early morning class > Then get up, get dressed, drink a tall glass of water (sometimes warm lemon water), lesson prep, present class. After lesson exercise, then meditate if it's yoga, or meditate then exercise if Darebee.

            Then I either continue my writing my novel, work as a Holistic Health Consultant and acupuncturist (when we have clients), or I prep for lessons. I usually only eat later in the morning. I get hungry around 11:00am.

            If no early morning class > Wake up, get dressed, yoga, meditate. Tall glass of water. And the same activities of the day follow.


              Up at 0620....Pee, then SOTD (Smoothie of The Day) then water and a coffee.
              At 0715, get into the truck and my son drives us to his trade school 30 minutes away, he gets out, I get in and take the scenic route home through the countryside while listening to a motivational podcast (Currently listening to American Glutton with Ethan Suplee).
              (This is a relatively new thing i.e 2 weeks and counting, as my son just started his training there, but I'm enjoying the time we get to spend together as well as the 'me time' on the way home)
              Drive my daughter to school and head off to either gym or work, depending on which shift I have that day.


                I feel like my mornings are all over the place. I'm usually up around 06:30 Monday through Friday to help get my kids ready for school and out the door. All bets are off after that. Sometimes I go back to bed but sometimes I don't. Most mornings I drink coffee but not always. Usually I drink it black but occasionally I drown it in creamer. Sometimes I eat breakfast but sometimes I don't. Sometimes I get moving right away and get stuff done and other times I sit around and accomplish nothing before noon. Reading everyone else's responses makes me think maybe I need more structure in my life. In my defense, I'm not a morning person though.


                  The routine is fairly set, but the times vary greatly due to hospital shift work

                  - wake up, exercise, breakfast for me, breakfast for kiddos


                    Two cups of Deathwish Coffee (yum) + 2 tbsp of Nutpods French Vanilla Creamer in each cup
                    Read the paper/news on phone
                    Run outside (weather permitting), run on the track (weather not permitting, or doing speed work), do weighted cardio (every other day) + either 5x5 lifting program or Redbull Runner's workout
                    Eat "Breakfast" - sometimes this ends up being 2 or 3 pm by the time I get here - take Fish Oil, magnesium & Cranberry supplements


                      wake up at 0430 and doing my breathing exercise (wimHof) when still lying in bed - good for me - funny for my wife followed by some minor stretching stuff.

                      after that I make breakfast for the both of us (atm: oatmeal, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, hempseed).
                      I drink a cup of coffee or Earl Grey, depending on my mood, and if I watched an episode Picard the day before

                      working out in the morning didn´t work out for me, I tested it, the best time for my workout is in the afternoon, directly after work and the meal-prep.

                      no tv, during the morning routine, but reading the news, etc.

                      then packing the stuff for work and the prepared meal for lunch, and going straight to work.


                        I wake up around 06:20, see my husband off to work, shower, eat breakfast, squeeze in some book reading, pack my stuff for work and get out of the house around 08:00. I absolutely don't like any hectic in the morning.


                          I wake up at 3:45 then I go for a walk with my dog. After that, around 5:00 I do my morning exercise, make herb tea for my hubby and for me too. Having a shower, a coffee, packing the breakfast and lunch for work and I step out from the flat around 6:00- 6:20 (my workshift starts at 7:30)


                            0500 wake up, start coffee, drink water, take dogs out
                            0515 put away dishes, vacuum, feed dogs
                            0600 start workout (cardio, strengthening, HIIT, etc) while listening to radio, drink more coffee & water, multi task with rest breaks and taking care of kids
                            0800 (variable time) start yoga & meditation
                            0930 take dogs out for morning walk & ball play time
                            1030 to 1200 rest & recover from morning activity while listening to radio or watching TV

                            That's my typical morning. Depending on how I feel, after yoga & meditation I'll either have some eggs or a protein shake to hold me over until lunch.


                              drink water first thing.
                              Brush teeth get dress ect.
                              Make lunch and breakfast
                              Head out the door

                              drink water
                              Watch a little tv
                              Eat breakfast
                              Go about my day

                              Nothing to exciting.


                                ...I'm ashamed of waking up late now... I don't work on mornings, and my classes are now few and almost at noon.

                                I just wake up at around 8 AM, brush my teeth and do a 10 minute workout (challenges, DDs and mini-workouts like the ones from Epic 5, for instance). Then breakfast and my day starts from there.

                                My training schedule changes according what I have for the day. If I'm busy from noon until the evening, and I'm free on the morning, I usually wake up earlier to do my training then. Most of the times I'm free at the afternoon, so I do it at around 3, 4 or 5 PM. And if I was busy during the day, I train at the evening (that is if I have power, because I'm not going to work out in the dark), and always going to bed one hour after that. If there's a powercut on the evening, I try to sleep through it. I usually stay up late guarding the house, for there were a lot of burglaries almost a year ago, and I'm still paranoid about it. And if I know that I couldn't train at all (which are very special cases), I just pick a circuit and spread all seven sets throughout the day, or do some totals for the day, like this one.

                                I'm not a dog walker nor a runner, but that might change in the future.