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    Ripped / Combat HIIT


    I am totally new to bodyweight strength training.

    Wondering if you can get ripped and build muscle on Combat HIIT.

    I really want one program that includes flexibility, martial arts and also supports muscle building.

    Replies appreciated..

    flysolo the answer is yes you can but there are a couple of provisos: The first one is intensity. If you perform the exercises to near the limit of your output each time you trigger the adaptation response that will lead to alterations in the muscle tissue so you can get stronger and faster. The second one is specificity. Combat HIIT will make you stronger but strength is multifactorial (see my thread here on that). Size is only one of its components and Combat HIIT is not specifically aimed at building larger muscles.

    Generally speaking, if you get through it to the very best of your ability you will definitely see many positive physical (and mental) changes. You will then be able to focus on what's next much easier (like gaining more size if it is still necessary). I hope this helps.


      The problem is when you say "Bodyweight strength training." Body-weight really isn't strength training; it's more isometric. You don't have increasing levels of weight to work with (unless you start with incline or decline to remove some weight) and once you hit your total weight, like pull-ups without assist, you have nowhere to go with increasing weight to move. Sure, you could wear a weighted vest but then it's not body weight any more.

      Can you build muscle doing HIIT? Sure. You can get ripped doing it, too, if you're watching your sugar intake and increase your protein. Experiment and start trying some programs to see what works for you.


        Thank you so much for the very informative replies. After some more research, I think I will try out Spartan Trials for 30 days and add the Fighter's Workout on days I feel my body can manage the extra load..... Then after I can comfortably manage that and complete Spartan Trials, I will give Combat HIIT a go...

        Would be great if there was a program that included Calisthenics, Martial Arts and also the necessary Warmup and Stretching routines for flexibility. A combo of all that Darebee has to offer... Ripped, lean, flexible, strong and combat ready...