Hello everyone, I'm new here and wants some suggestions

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here and wants some suggestions

    Hello everyone again, I am new here and wants to improve my lifestyle


    these are the things I want to start with, is it okay to start with this program? My body is average, I dance sometimes but now always on the front of the computer programming/coding.
    I also don't understand the meal plans, can someone help me understand that? thank you so much.

    mattematicx Do whatever you think you are capable of. Don't necessarily try to do too much at once. If you make your exercise workload manageable then you will come back and finish not only these programs but lots more.

    I haven't done any of the mealplans though, so I can't help much in that regard.


      CaptainCanuck , Okay sir, thank you so much

      It's okay, thanks


        The advice CaptainCanuck gave on the programs is solid. You don't want to set yourself to be discouraged.
        Regarding the meal plan, my first thought is you need proper measuring cups. A coffee cup (generally) is more than a standard cup.
        Basically: you have 6 micro meals with a base of 0.5c protein with 1c vegetables with 3 of those meals supplemented with 0.5c of pulses or nuts and 1 serve total of fruit.
        I'd encourage you to meal prep it all the day before so your portions are right. Then space them evenly across the day. Drink that water. You need to keep your stomach occupied while you adjust (no idea of your current eating habits).

        I don't follow a Darebee eating plan. But I do track my eating to make sure I'm putting quality in (fruit, veggies, good quality proteins etc).

        Good luck with your abs focus!


          I am new as well, joined yesterday. I also sit a lot in an office. I started the Foundation (level III) program. I think it will give me a good overview of the basics.


            Hi, I'm somewhat new myself, but I'll recommend you to look through the 3 and 2 star programs and find something for general fitness / high burn. Not sure why you picked an ab program, and if you're really into ab training I won't stop you, but a full body workout gives your different muscle groups a chance to rest / actively recover while training daily. Don't underestimate the soreness you (and me) can get from an ab workout as a starting point.
            I'm currently on day 9 of the cardio-trim program in case you're interested
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              Hello mattematicx

              I'm not who'll say you what can or no do, just a comment: "30 Days of HIIT Advanced" could be a bit hard for people that is not into fitness. You're the best who know if you're in or not. If you feel ready for it, go for it.

              ...and welcome all the new bees. I hope all of you will enjoy this excellent site.



                Personally, I can't attest to the meal plans myself - I haven't used any of them - but I can attest to the fact that it's a good idea to do what you want with a workout, though I would tell you as someone who did both 30 Days of HIIT Advanced and Total Abs together not too long ago (about a month ago) that it is a harder program even if you were very active before (I specifically waited for about five months doing other programs before I took it on). I'd suggest taking it down just a little bit and go for just 30 Days of HIIT, but that's up to you.