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    My Gym Partner

    Let me know if any parent has experienced this during their fitness journey....

    My gym partner is the nickname I give to the monster that joins me sometimes.

    Anybody expecting some roided-up Dwayne Johnson-wannabe really hasn’t being paying attention to what I’ve been writing (or spewing depending on your point of view). This is my littlest daughter; I won’t name names as she might one day read this and get embarrassed. Suffice to say, she has been there during a fair bit of my workouts, offering “support” and “encouragement”.

    And that’s when I started to cry….

    So I’ve done various exercises and workouts whilst she’s been around, sometimes she joins in, sometimes she watches, usually she’s disinterested until there’s a camera involved and then she’s right there in the lens.

    On the other hand, there’s also a tonne of photos I DID take of her during these workouts but couldn’t share because she’s butt naked.

    I’m not joking, the amount of times I managed to get what I thought was an awesome little video or photo of me lifting heavy weights, only to delete it as there was her little bum sticking out in full view and I couldn’t edit her out.

    Not that she’d mind, of course, but the world is not ready for that.

    So, what does she do? Well, I’ll tell you. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? Wondering what kind of a PT she is?

    She certainly doesn’t muck about.

    “Come on, Daddy, exercise,” she says when I’m stretching.

    “Um, I AM exercising; I’m stretching, doing my mobility, loosening the joints so I can lift heavy weight.”

    “That’s not exercise, Daddy, this is.” She then proceeds to do a downward dog yoga stretch which she says is a push-up. “Come on, Daddy, do it.”

    “I’m doing something different. I lift weights.”

    She nods, walks over to the barbell already set up, and starts rolling it towards my unprepared feet. The big plates miss my exposed toes by mere millimetres.

    “Thanks love,” I say, my heart racing.

    “Get on with it Daddy.”

    So the weightlifting proceeds, having been doing mobility the entire time she was talking and moving the death trap that is my barbell. First, deadlifts, and she’s absolutely not interested. Then I set up a pair of chairs to act as my bench rack; now she wants to climb all over them and fiddle with the weight plates on the bar that are almost as big as she is.

    “Don’t touch, they’re heavy and might squash you.”

    “But I want to see them.”

    “No, love, they will hurt you.”

    Reluctantly, she moves away, content with playing and watching. So I crack out some bench presses, grunting each time. For the very last rep on the last set, she decides to stand next to me. Horror fills me, and she just stands there and smiles. “I’m going to help you, Daddy.”

    “Nearly finished, but you’re going to have to move or you’re going to be as flat as a pancake.”

    “Are we having pancakes?” she beams.

    My arms are shaking with the effort of holding the barbell in place above me, not daring shift my weight at all in case it slips and falls on her.

    “Please move?” I beg her.

    “Silly daddy,” she says, and skips off. I just barely manage to bring the bar down on the two chairs, now worried I might have broken the chairs. After that, come the back squats.

    Don’t look at me like that, she said it not me.

    I tried to explain to her what squats were, that they help Daddy’s legs get stronger. Her response?

    “You look like you’re sitting for a pooh, Daddy.”

    My immature side burst out laughing, and I dropped the bar sending it crashing onto the sofa behind me. She had an intensely serious look on her face.

    “It’s not funny, Daddy.”

    My smile disappeared.


    Squats were smashed (or “squits” as she called them), and then overhead presses (although with the height of our ceiling I had to do it kneeling, but that’s a whole other story). At that point I was starting to flag, and wanted to get in some core work before the energy drained from me like a cheap battery.

    So down I went, timer running, legs shaking.

    Who appeared?

    Yep, she was there, sliding in underneath me like a frikkin’ mechanic under a hoist.

    “What you doin’, Daddy?” she asked innocently.

    “I’m doing my last exercises. They’re called Planks.”

    “That’s not exercising, Daddy. That’s waiting.”

    The timer hit 60 Seconds and I had to throw myself to one side to prevent my tired old body from dropping on top of her and flattening her! She found this highly amusing, and decided my workout was over and bundled on top of me.

    So you can tell I’m on my toes a lot.

    Little bugger.

    Shaven_Wookiee We all need a workout partner like you have,


      I use the Wii fit still often enough, one of the exercises is really hard not to get 100 out of 100 on as a score, the jackknifes. But I have scores there of 97 and 93 and they are because I had my own workout partner on those days.


        Shaven_Wookiee I no longer use weights because I have two workout partners.
        I only have 1 of any dumbbell under 5kgs. No idea where they have taken them.
        I have a pair of 5kgs and everything heavier isn't useful to me at the moment and has been packed away. They love to try and lift the 5kgs but their form is abysmal so that gets shut down.
        My oldest loves heckling "that's not exercise, I can do that!". I use her in rolling drills. She has great flexibility and attachment.
        Number 2's arms aren't long enough yet. But he loves sitting on me while I bridge and getting a kiss or nose poke at the bottom for push ups.
        I use them both for chest press and they love yoga.


          RockNTennessee She's a real drill sergeant!

          CaptainCanuck I've had similar experiences with the XBox Kinect games. I've been doing really well, and look over and she's just doing whatever the hell she likes.

          Io6 It's been a while since I've had the barbells out. I have a leg ulcer at the moment, so I'm limited to bodyweight and any weights have to be done sitting or lying down. Which amuses my daughter and her older sister.