Loose muffin top and arm fat

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    Loose muffin top and arm fat

    Need to loose muffin top and arm fat tips please


    Welcome to the Hive! Where Darebee comes to record what we do and help each other!

    It is very difficult to spot reduce specific areas. You need to work on some whole body workouts to burn calories by activating the majority of your muscle groups and also get your calorie intake under control if that's an issue.

    My initial tips would be:

    1) If you're just starting then consider a workout programme like Foundation to give you a good start, or even Foundation Light if you think that would be too difficult at the moment. Build up to it, if you think you can do level 2 for example then start there, if it's level 1 then do that.

    2) Try to walk and be generally active as much as possible. Aim for 8-10k steps per day. If you do more some days and less on others then don't sweat it. If you're hitting 70k over a week as an average then you're doing well.

    3) Work out your calorie intake per day using this calculator:


    Choose 1.4 lightly active for your activity level, unless you're in a really active job. Take about 300 calories off that number and that's you eating in a calorie deficit per day which will help you lose weight. Think of this as a weekly value so if you are on 2000 per day - that's 14000 per week; so eating a little less you can have a few calories and eat/drink more on a night out. My Fitness Pal typically takes 500 calories off per day but that may be a bit too heavy going for some people, slow and steady will win the race hence why I suggest 300 calories. If you take too many calories off per day then it will long term become unsustainable and you will either stop logging, binge at weekends/evenings or just quit so a smaller deficit makes progress slower but you're more likely to stick to it. Re-calculate this every time you've lost 5kg or 14 pounds so the number better reflects where you are now weight wise.

    Use a calorie tracker to count your intake per day and drink plenty of water. Log everything you have and it should be fairly realistic - that includes food and drink. Eat a reasonable amount of protein to help you feel full and also your muscles healthy. Please do not log any calories the app might think you've lost through exercise; the aim is to not to eat those back, the aim is to lose them.

    4) Take photos of yourself at the start and every weeks or so to enable you to track progress. If you're using scales then weigh yourself at the same time each week.

    Most of all believe in yourself, it's not a quick process but you can do it. Keep on the path, it's not going to be a straight journey, there are bound to be a few wobbles but keep logging in here and we can all encourage you.

    Also expect to have a day off now and again once you've gotten going on your journey. Life happens, we want to go to that family dinner or celebratory occasion. We will want to take part or indulge. All the hard work is for nought if you can't live life a little but remember you can't do it every week or every day.

    I had a lot of weight to lose, I've lost circa 100 pounds. It took me over a year doing the above but it's coming off slowly. If you ever feel disheartened or the like then please do reach out on here, or drop me a pm.