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    So I recently set up a YouTube and although I haven't posted on it in a while, I want to but I'm seeing all these YouTube videos that talk about the trolls, haters and stalkers and damn some of them are kinda scary. I recently started learning camp craft because I did camp craft as a cadet and hope to one day make videos about it but these videos are making me rethink that.
    Here is the video that sparked this post

    When the comments are being shown in the video, pause it and read them, they're scary.

    What do you guys think about being a YouTubeer? I've wanted to do it since I was 16 but thank god I didn't or who knows how my mental health and insecurities would be.

    I wonder if the darebee YouTube gets crap like this? Redline

    IWillGoSuperSaiyan you started a YouTube recently and you're quite young, I'd watch this video and prepare yourself if you're going to keep at it.

    I won't get into the whole discussion about how bad of an idea I think is putting your person out into the public if you don't need to (because that's not the issue here), but I at least will leave my opinion on the matter here (btw, I haven't watched that video because I don't care for the person in it):
    The internet can be a fun and informative place. It can also be a very scary, hateful and manipulative place (keep the last two things in mind). Most of the time, if you keep a low profile, you, as a real person (with that I mean real name, real face, etc.) won't come into contact with the hateful part. If you're behind a pseudonym and don't show your face (and keep some precautions in mind) you can safely ignore every hateful comment or deaththreat thrown your way.
    If you put your real you out there, you don't immediately have to deal with hate. You'll probably be a nobody in a flood of nobodies for a long time (depending on how lucky you are or how successful you market yourself). And even when you've finally reached that shiny public spot, you have to offer something that sparks hate. That something can be: success, a controversial opinion, something personal another person dislikes (i.e. sexuality or political conviction, or just a funny face) or just making videos about a topic someone else (who's vastly more successful than you) already does, but that someone has a large and possibly fanatic community.
    Should that stop you? Not if you want to do what you plan to do. Because it probably requires a bit of "luck" to even get to the point where you'll spark hate. Keep in mind that whenever you put yourself into public, with your real face and name, you get vulnerable, not only to hate. But you know, you could also die in an accident tomorrow, so who cares.

    And my thoughts on being a YouTuber? I don't have any good thoughts, so I better keep them to myself. Do what seems fun to you and you alone.


      To be honest, I was lying awake for a bit last night and thought about that whole thing. I don't know if I came over a bit harsh in my last post, but basically here's another bottomline to the whole dilemma:
      There are probably thousands and thousands of channels on YouTube. Of those that get successful you can probably divide them into roughly two categories: Influencer and those with more meaningful content. The first category is more often interested in selling you something, because they usually have someone with financial interests behind them. Many of those even get groomed to that position. The other category contains in people trying to convey information and/or skills to you (channels that teach you languages, handicrafts, fitness skills and scientific things, for example). Some of those might try to sell you something, but if the channel's good, that's usually not a big issue (because you still can access a majority of that content for free). Your own path into YouTube fame probably depends on what category you want to be put into. My guess is that the second category usually yields you less hate than the first.
      And if you look at a lot of successful channels across those categories, you probably see that not all of them generate hate. For every channel gathering hateful comments, there are probably five others that come out unscathed.

      What do I mean with this and my previous "who cares?": You can't know today what way your future channel with take, if you'll be successful and if you'll draw in haters. But if you really want to do it (and you seem to have wanted to for eleven years) you should go for it. Don't let potential haters stop you. Don't waste your time watching clickbait-y articles about "Is it worth being a YouTuber" because whatever's discussed in that shouldn't be of concern to you now. Get informed about what it means to produce content on YouTube for the public, brush up on the few law skills for that, think about building a small presence on social media elsewhere if that's your thing (or maybe build a small static webpage) and get started. Don't do it for money, or fame, do it for fun and because you want it. I know you're shy, but it'll take some time to garner a following anyway (and I suppose you don't want to buy them), so by the time you reach those 1,000 subscribers, chances are that you've build some confidence by then and those first "cringeworthy" videos of you become a charming reminder of where you started.

      Potential hate doesn't need to concern you right now. Getting started with what you want should.

      Good luck.