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    Hello wonderful world of the Darebee community,

    First of all I would like to say that I am new to this website. I am really happy to have found this web because I have been struggling to keep up with my fitness and my motivation to do so. My other point on this is that to be fit you need to have a positive mind set and have goals that may not be so far away, but may not be so close as well. As starting off on the fitness centered website I would like to hear your top recommendations on different workout sheets or programs. I have a goal that is to be able to complete the "Military Fit" program before January 2020. It would be much appreciated if you could give a recommendation from a beginner sheet, a average sheet, and a hardcore sheet. I want to focus my Workouts on my abs and arms, but feel free to give anything that isn't what I specify.


    Hellooo, welcome to the Hiveee!!

    Well, it'd be nice first to know if you're a fitness beginner or not, here's a Fitness Test from this site. If you score a level 3, then you could try doing that program right away or spend this month conditioning yourself to do it on the next one. However, if you're a beginner, it's going to be a difficult road (at least for that goal you set about doing the Military Fit before Jan 2020), I tell you because I'm doing that program now, and I've been exercising regularly for 2 years. It's a very tough program, so it requires a good endurance built because it takes a lot of energy from the very first day.

    Right now with the little info you give, I think that the TOTALS program would give you a good idea about where you stand on endurance, since it has a number of exercises that have to be completed during the day and doesn't have specific conditions to be able to take it. That, along the Total Abs program, as well as taking the current on-going challenge: Arms of Steel, since you want to focus on abs and arms. It'd be also nice if you had a log so others can guide you and motivate you during your journey.

    I could go on with the beginner, average, hardcore perspectives you're asking, but I'm quite sleepy at this moment and about to go to bed, lol. So, if no one has given your those perspectives by tomorrow, I could try to guide you on them.

    However, I'm sure other bees will help you soon with their opinions and perspectives.


      Maybe this challenge?


        Military Fit is tough. My feeling is that you will need to be able to complete a difficulty three program at lvl3 with total ease in order to do Military Fit.

        I think stella88 gives some good advices. If you want something more difficult I suggest the Target 10 challenge or a difficulty 3 program like Cardio Trim.