Motivation, routine, setting and achieving goals

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    Motivation, routine, setting and achieving goals

    In no way I am a specialist but I'd like to share few points that helped me achieve few of my goals.It actually helped me successfully give up smoking which I found extremely difficult at the time.

    1. Creating a positive affirmation instead of a negative one. Instead of thinking of giving up (or lose) something I confirmed gaining/achieving something and retraining my brain into thinking positively about the change. Instead of saying 'I haven't had any cigarettes today' (tricks mind into thinking you losing out and wanting one now) I would say that 'I had another smoke-free day which I was happy about' (creating a positive vibes around a change) I believe it could be helpful when preparing to lose weight as well. Instead of thinking negatively about our body and losing weight one could say 'I'm keeping active and I'm getting fitter, stronger and healthier' which is much positive.

    2. Be patient. Give yourself, your body and your mind time to adjust. Change is rarely easy in the beginning. With smoking all the addictive chemicals and toxins have to leave the body. Before going to sleep I used to visualise toxins leaving my body and being grateful that my body was clearing chemicals out and that every day I was healthier inside.

    3. Make struggle a friend and not an enemy. In case of giving up smoking I understood finally that the initial struggle and difficulty was my body's response to change. I appreciated it as a positive sign that my body was adapting, getting rid of toxic substances. It's not always pleasant but usually very necessary.

    4. Make a list of reason why you are starting exercise routine/ giving up smoking and read it out loud often - perhaps morning and evening - visualising having achieved it successfully. E.g. one of the reasons I started exercising was the fact that I could be what I always fancied in others - strong, fit with an attractive physique. So if you start doubting that you can achieve something ask yourself for realistic reasons why - why wouldn't you be able to be fit or give up smoking etc.

    5. Re-write and update your routine. Since change is not easy and our habits become part of us I have decided to leave fresh fruit where my ashtray used to be, and (healthy) snacks e.g. walnuts where my cigarettes used to be so that every time my hand would reach out of habit for a cigarette. I had now re-trained my brain to enjoy a (healthy) snack.

    6. Keeping busy in difficult moment of 'doubt' and being 'low'. I have learned that these feelings are a natural and normal response to change. Every next day used to be easier than the previous one.There was no point of fighting it and stressing myself out I just accepted the fact that there was no gain without the pain. Instead I had a nap or focused on what I could physically do - cleaning, going to the shop to focus on other things.

    7. Do it for yourself and no-one else. That's the only way to succeed. My only competition was myself from a previous day and that kept me motivated to keep on improving myself. If you ever attempt to change for others you'll most likely going to be disappointed. People need to accept you for who you are but firstly so do you.

    With all of the points above I have finally embraced smoke-free life for good (look what I did here). I have found that it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and I don't miss at all.

    This is just what I needed to read today. Earlier today I joined this community and posted something about losing motivation and slowly giving up, but this whole rewiring makes a lot of sense and will sure help me. Thanks for sharing!


      Great ideas to put into practice piotrmkubiak
      In my experience it works better to cultivate good habits than to try to lose the bad, the good habit will progressively take away the strength from the bad ones


        Nice suggestions, I think #7 is key


          Fremen Thank you. I agree. However when going smoke-free I really struggled and I thought I'd try to swap one habit for another. I thought I'd rather munch on snacks like popcorn, fruits and nuts than smoke lol

          CaptainCanuck Thank you. As they say 'you can't rely on other people to make you happy'

          AlejaMeja I have just created a post that you may find helpful: Advice for beginners (what advice I'd give myself)