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    When I decided to get back in shape, I started slow and easy with a combination of weight training and light cardio. After six months, there was not a lot of visible or obvious change in my body, but I was feeling better and more capable of simply doing life. By then, my basic, over-all fitness had improved and I decided to join a muay thai based fitness class. I wasn't "ready" for it, I couldn't really make it through a workout, but I kept at it.
    That's when the obvious changes started to happen. After three months, I dropped over 20 pounds and my fitness level (strength, cardio, flexibility) shot up.
    So, at this stage, your are preparing yourself for the next stage.
    Hang in there, and enjoy the ride!


      M_ekel I don't know your workout routine or your goals but there are few factors that helped in my own experience and I haven't been exercising for too long. These are 4 essentials in my opinion: right challenging exercises on appropriate level that are at least mostly enjoyable to perform; right healthy diet; appropriate amount of sleep and rest; healthy liquids - water, herbal or green teas and home-made juices or flavoured waters.

      When it comes to the right exercise I choose Programs as these are easier to follow without the need of planning exercises on a daily basis and it's easier to stay motivated and to track my progress. It saves some time on choosing and planning exercises plus Programs are typically divided into specific targeted muscle group days so that I don't have to worry about covering everything in my workout as it is done for me.

      However there are few points that I can share with you from my experience.
      1. Check if your goals are realistic and
      2. Only check your progress (or weigh yourself etc.) every 2 weeks or more as it is unlikely you will see any results within few days. It can be demotivating.
      3. Progress will happen! But it never does as we think. There will be few weeks with no visible progress (which will typically mean that our body is adjusting and changing within itself) and afterwards there will be few weeks with rapid progress that is quite amazing.


        Thank you so much for your kindness and feedback. I feel that my goals are realistic. Maybe I shouldnt expect them as fast.... I've spent the past year eating healthier and living a better lifestyle. I will say that for the month of October, I followed the daily challenges, dares and monthly challenge.. I found that I worked out more. I should also say that I've lost 65 pounds in the past year. I'm struggling with the last goal of losing an additional 20 pounds.

        Your words and insight help. Thank you...