What's in your gym bag?

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    What's in your gym bag?

    When I first started going to the gym I worried I'd forget something important. After a couple weeks of gym life here's what I carry:

    - List of exercises planned for the day
    - Pen
    - Water bottle
    - Strength Training Anatomy book for tips on proper form
    - Hand wraps for the punching bag
    - Large shower towel (some gyms provide these)
    - Flip flops for shower
    - Small sweat towel
    - Shorts, shirt, and clean socks/underwear for after shower
    - Wallet
    - Q-tips
    - Tissues

    I bring the rest on my body:

    - Workout clothes
    - Keys
    - Phone
    - Workout shoes

    What's in your gym bag?

    If I have a darebee workout planned, I'll transcribe it onto paper so I don't have to fiddle with my phone @ the gym which has helped me avoid getting off track.

    My gym bg was fairly similar (workout clothes and shoes not on my body because I'd do it right after work), but also, because it's after work, make-up wipes (the idea of sweating on my make up - gross!), hair clips, and small-size shampoo and body wash. And a comb


      I workout at one of two places: My gym or my lifting buddy's gym (both are garage gyms)

      Clothes, shoes, towel, pre-workout, tape, belt, straps, water, and phone (where I take notes and such) if I'm going to my buddy's gym and carrying an actual bag

      Clothes, phone, belt, shoes, and straps in my "gym bag" if going to my gym because I keep the rest as stock items in the gym and don't have to carry them to and from the garage.


        I usually just bring myself to the gym. I don’t need much for the gym just maybe headphones. If I using Darebee I already have my phone so no big deal. Also if my personal trainer has me using a packet that already there too.

        Wrestling bag contains- wrestling shoes, knee pads, water bottles (if I remember), shorts (even in winter), notebook, phone, wallet, and sometimes different things that I can do before class, and headphones. Also money transportation to wrestling costs $3.50 problem is a lot of times I forgot to put money in my wallet.


          Oh this seems like fun to share. But I'm that person who brings more stuff than necessary for everything, so feel free to roast my big list of supplies

          In my gym bag I always have:
          - flip flops for shower
          - pair of sneakers to use inside the gym
          - bottle (I arrive with it empty and fill it up at the locker room)
          - small towel to use the machines
          - bag to put dirty clothes
          - change of clean clothes
          - plastic zip lock with small containers for shampoo / conditioner / toner / moisturizer (the gym has body lotion dispensers)
          - deodorant
          - wireless headphones
          - extra hair ties
          - the lock for the locker

          Then depending on what I'm doing I'll add my bandages / mma gloves / weight lifting gloves if needed. The gym provides bath towel so that's one less thing for me to carry around.
          I have my plans on the phone so that's what I'll check if needed, though I keep a notebook at home with more in depth logs that I update when I have the time.


            I have the following that I take all the time:

            - Change of clothes
            - Flip-flops for shower or walking to pool
            - Swim goggles
            - Running shoes
            - Boxing gloves and hand wraps
            - Watch (I don't usually wear one, used for timing combat ropes)
            - Grip strength device (one of the few things that I have never used)
            - Resistance bands
            - Racquetball balls (used for juggling)
            - First-Aid tape (used for marking spots on the floor)
            - Agility ladder
            - a Deck of Harley Quinn playing cards (never used, but for doing a "deck of cards workout")
            - Lock
            - Skipping rope

            Plus these that I will take for specific workouts:

            - Yoga mat (One of the workouts that I do is at the gym in my own building, which barely has any equipment that I need, including no mats)
            - Floor sliders
            - Ankle weights
            - Weight vest
            - Medicine Ball
            - Cones (for marking running courses)