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    Back on track

    Hi everybody! it's been a long while since i have been here.
    Alot has happend this past year.. i became a father to begin with.
    I also found some new sports i really like ... i also found out i am less fit than i was
    thats because newborns dont sleep often and you begin to skipp trainings.

    i am back at it again, since 2 months , and i found out i like cycling alot ,on & off-road rode 1450km this year already!
    i also do airsoft skirms thats a full body workout (might be inspirational for some workout u guys can provide)

    so ... 6 days a week i am training some is cardio some is powertraining.
    sometimes i am deadtired but more often than not i feel that i've done practice but i recuperate really good.

    what i do is the following; arm-day 1 : 200 pushups, and then a kettlebell workout 30 minutes no swings./ legday 2 :50 lunges 100 squates 100 weighted squats 50kettlebellswings + bridges +- 200calfraises/
    armday 3 100 pullups with a resistanceband 200 pushups and chin ups till i fail lol and 30 knees to elbows/ legday 4 :50 lunges 100 squates 100 weighted squats 50kettlebellswings + bridges +- 200calfraises/
    armday 5 200 pushups kettlebellworkout 30 minutes and if time is left over some chinups .... then its saturday i do nothing absolutly nothing ( i did consider doing some corestuff ) and sunday i am out for my weekly bicycleride between 80-120km.

    i am doing this 2 months now, seeying very slowly results for which i am gratefull! but my question is do you guys have any suggestions to spice things up? i am thinking now that although i enjoy myself alot doing these routines there might come a point that i feel mayby a bit bored by doing the same thing all the time, i dont know ? grtz kronoow

    Congratulations on fatherhood!

    I'm going to try cycling soon too, I hope I enjoy it as much as you do.


      hey tash thnx! its fun cycling, i can tell you that! ps watch out for traffic , dont ride with earplugs on busy roads ! and please wear a helmet! it saved my skull once and take alot of water with u and you be good!


        Good advice thanks

        I went for a 20km ride yesterday with my husband's parents (they are keen cyclers) and it was fun! Nice steady pace and I got to see parts of my community I have never seen before. My bottom is a bit sore though!

        Will definitely be doing more cycling in the future.


          The soreness will go away with the time thats actually saltcrystals from your sweat ! It rubs with your saddle and skin( dont wear boxers if u ride with a cyclepants golden tip ). Great that you liked it ! 20km is nice for a start keep it going ! 🌞