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    Warmups before workouts

    Lately I've been doing a better job of warming up before my workouts. I adopted a few different routines and combined them together for a good standard warmup. I feel like it hits most muscle groups and loosens me up a bit.

    Full squat hold - I sit into a wide squat, holding it for about 10-15 seconds, repeating a few times
    Lateral lunges - about 10 lunges on each side, nothing too deep but enough to feel my hips & legs stretching
    Leg swings - 10 forwards & 10 sideways, each leg
    Glute bridges - 10 or so
    Windshield wipers - usually with my knees up, just something to stretch out my back
    Scapular pushes - on my hands & knees, arching my back then pushing down toward the floor, loosening up my back & lumbar
    Resistance band pull aparts - 10 overhand & 10 underhand
    Resistance band shoulder pass throughs - 10 of these
    Wall slides - 8 to 10 of these, loosening up the shoulders a little further

    I don't do this first thing in the morning with my challenges, only when I do a full workout. I'd love to know what my fellow Bees think and if you have any warmups that do the trick!

    Further up and further in!

    I usually do yoga "sun salutation" before and after a workout, easy and great warmup and stretching

    This a "classic" version:

    Click image for larger version

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      My first-thing-in-the-morning warmup (and one of my favorite workouts) is classic warmup:

      It's light & fast but usually enough to fully wake me up and prepare me for running or a light ab workout.

      Your routine before heavier workouts looks pretty comprehensive (and they look like dynamic stretches which are good BEFORE workouts vs static ones after).

      Seconding Fremen on sun salutations. By chance (discord side conversation) I pulled out my power yoga book (written by runners) and did some sun salutations 2 days ago. They feel great and do bring the core temp of the body up more than you'd expect from calm photos of stretching. With sun salutations you get more flexible each repetition without having to really pull or exert anything in a way that more classic warmups can't really compare.


        oneironaut Sun Salutation is used in indian army performed quickly as a workout it is a complete sequence of yoga, excellent as a warm-up, stretching and as workout.

        P.S. For a time I tried to do 30 minutes of sun salutation in a row as a workout and it was far from light ...


          Forgot to mention breathing with sun salutations; my book describes alternating exhaling/inhaling with 5 full breaths on the downward-facing dog. You know if your breathing is synced properly if you are breathing in on the reach for the ceiling and breathing out when doing the toe touches where your nose is touching your knees. My pose sequence is just slightly different but intentional breathing with one breath (in or out) per move seems like it could be important.


            Originally posted by oneironaut View Post
            intentional breathing with one breath (in or out) per move seems like it could be important.
            Breathing in the sun salutation is very important, it teaches how to inhale and exhale moving the body