OMG, changing eating habits is TOUGH!

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    OMG, changing eating habits is TOUGH!

    You read and read all about it, but it is TOUGH to change eating habits.

    From shopping better, to prepping, cooking and then eating better, it is very tough change. Especially when trying to keep in mind the rest of the household.

    Limiting beef, including fish, adding more veggies and fruits, lowering salt intake, what recipes to use, prep, cooking... what a pain. It's so much easier to throw together a sandwich, fry up an egg, drive to Hardee's or Wendy's... Giving up soda pops was not hard, just started drinking water. And then moving away from bread takes it to yet another level, the craving just a slice is unbearable, eat an orange or banana instead, still the craving, fill up on "good stuff" and still having the crave.

    This is so much tougher than getting up early to excercise.

    Just saying or rather whining.

    Stay strong! And keep changing slowly. If it gets completely unbearable, you could try baking a bread that fits your chosen style of diet (maybe one without grains).


      Ha, benefit of having to care only for myself is I don´t have to think about how changing my diet would affect others.

      It´s great that you are changing your diet for the better. Moving away from bread is really tough, especially when you used to eat it every day. Stay strong and hang in there!


        Changing anything is always hard to get used to. Don't try changing up everything at once, start small (portion size for example) and add more things as you go (ingredients, timing, frequency,...).

        Keep it up and check back in if you need some cheering up


          SCADAman29325 as someone who struggled with the same exact thing years ago: it will get a lot easier as you get the hang of it!
          It's only overwhelming now because it's all still very new. Everything seems to take an enormous amount of time, energy and planning but just like any other new skill it just takes time to learn and master it. And you will Your taste buds will change and so will your preferences as your body will start getting quality food. How you feel will change, too. And you won't be able to go back.

          It's totally worth the effort! Good luck


            I agree with everything said here, it does get easier. We also meal plan. We have a list of recipes that we cycle through (based on meat that is in them plus one for vegetarian) and we just go through that. The list has expanded over time as we get comfortable in what we have/can make and then expand out.

            Can't help in a carb category though. I have a set fat and protein level and then just fill in the rest with carbs.


              SCADAman29325 I couldn't agree more!!

              Just keep plugging, you'll get there in the end


                Thank you everyone! Just venting to a sympathetic ear.
                And thank you for the site to make this happen.

                I'm looking at the USDA MyPlate site, along with a few others recommendatoons. Trying out Plan too Eat and AllRecipes apps.

                MyFitness is great too. Love the foresite and motivation.


                  It is hard, it takes a while to make someting a habit, even longer for it to become second nature. But meal prep is a good friend of mine (as is batch cooking but then I don't need to worry about cooking for others - kudos to anyone who does that too!)
                  Good luck and we're all here to be vented to and offer advice & friendship


                    Originally posted by SCADAman29325 View Post
                    craving just a slice is unbearable
                    Occasionally I fancy some white bread but mostly eat sprouted bread such as which you have to chew more and is satisfying, kept in the freezer for when you really crave.


                      One tip: Get good tools.

                      I have a really good set of knives (dirt cheap and they look it, but they're awesome) that makes slicing anything a dream. I have Emsa clip&close boxes that keep all my stuff fresh and are easy to clean and they don't leak. I have a crockpot with a kitchen timer that makes me porridge over night. A peeler that is really sharp and nice. And food scales that are easy to use.

                      Good tools make this whole thing easier.


                        Not sure if this helps at all - something someone told me once is to focus on what I CAN eat, rather than what I "can't" eat... seems really insignificant, but helped a lot with my attitude.


                          Best I can do now is to keep trying.

                          Took the infamous salad to work today to satisfy a goal.
                          Ate shrimp the other day to get my once per week seafood dose.

                          Surprisingly, the easiest has been giving up diet drinks and doing just water, with occasional milk or fruit juice.

                          Cooking up chicken strips ahead of time kept me from going for sandwich meat and cheese.

                          Ordered veggie habatchi just to meet another goal of a few weekly veggy meal.

                          Need to cook some oven roasted veggies, stirfry, eggplant parmesan or lasagna... need to make my own pasta sauce first.

                          Just keep beating my head on the wall and being forgiving of myself and keep trying. Just keep trying.