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    How did you like Ryse, TheLibrarian? I've seen it on sale for so many times and I like the soundtrack, but I think I remember reading mixed reviews. On the other hand, people in youtube's comments seem to like it. I'm thinking about buying it when it's on sale the next time, but I'm always so hesitant... (Even though it costs less than 5 Euro... )


      Just beat Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ( a great game) yesterday and went on to play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.


        Two Point Hospital

        It's made to invoke that ''theme hospital'' vibe.
        Let me tell you, they nailed the vibe to a tee, it's a game that oozes charm on every side.

        Had it and played it for a while, but still hadn't finished it.
        It's not a hard game, and it's a lovely little time sink. This game is so stress free...
        if you ever want to just mellow out, highly reccomend. Listening to the great tunes, the fun sound effects, watching the antsy people walk around doing silly things.
        Oh...and manage a few things here and there. Great fun.


          I'm back playing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets...Man do the load screens take forever!


            Nihopaloa I liked it - it was a short and sweet gameplay with a nice storyline. not the best game I played, though, but for 3,74 euro in the sale it was definitely a good purchase. Not too short, not too long that it gets boring, no real depth, but you don´t need this in this kind of games. I felt good entertained, especially after all those "dying" screens during Sekiro And on top of it: it really like the romans


              Can't find any new games for my ol' xbox 360 so started Dragon Age: Origins and ordered the expansion DA - Awakening. I have the PC version of Origins but like 360 console better, can sit back in my lazy- boy chair.

              Was at my daughters over the weekend and played a bit of Bloodborne on their PS4, interesting since I have DarkSouls and DS2.

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                Currently playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. I know the reviews were terrible, but I'm actually really enjoying discovering new planets.

                Also Skyrim. I've been playing it on and off for years. One day I will finish it.

                I've actually banned myself from buying new games until I finish some more of the ones already in my library.

                Some of my go-to games for a single session or so are:

                Don't Starve
                Euro Truck Simulator / American Truck Simulator (I actually really enjoy getting drunk, cranking some metal and recklessly driving my Dethtruk)
                The Sims 3


                  Started playing Layers of Fear 2 yesterday after my race. I'll probably need multiple sessions again to finish it, the horror is just so on point. But that also makes it so awesome and the story seems interesting again.

                  tash ​ I also liked Andromeda. It's maybe not as good as the other Mass Effect Games, but I still enjoyed it very much. I think the critics were a bit harsh with this game.​​​​​​


                    Looks I am in the minority here, I unwind playing games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart Deluxe 8.

                    such games like this, really non stressful games.



                      Diablo III Reaper of souls
                      Call of Duty Black Ops 3
                      Worms W.M.D.
                      And some others