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    TAG - 8.5 / 10

    The film is based on a real-life group of friends from Spokane, Washington, known for playing a month-long game of tag every February over a 28-year period

    One month every year, five highly competitive friends hit the ground running for a no-holds-barred game of tag -- risking their necks, their jobs and their relationships to take one another down. This time, the game coincides with the wedding of the only undefeated player. What should be an easy target soon becomes an all-out war as he knows they're coming to get him.


      Noen - I've seen season one, but nothing beyond that, as far as the show goes. I like it, but every once in a while. It's too in-your-face and manic to watch all the time.


        Terry Pratchett´s Hogfather 9/10

        Great christmas movie, great actors, great story. Of course the story is great, it´s a movie based on a Pratchett book.

        -1 one point due to Marc Warren and his portayal of Teatime. Marc Warren is terrible, always has been. Even his portayal of Rochefort in the Musketeers series by the BBC was astonishingly bad. And his voice is incredibly annoying.


          Man Made A documentary by a transman, about the lives of 4 transmen bodybuilders over the course of one year between competitions. 9/10 for sure. Each person they follow is super compelling, their stories are varied and it left me in awe with the level of commitment to fitness and body awareness they have. Really good film.


            The Commuter starring Liam Neeson.
            7/10 overall
            10/10 because Liam Neeson is super cool.


              The secret life of Walter Mitty - rewatch (9/10)

              One of my favorite movies, beautiful landscape and soundtrack and iam always in a good mood afterwards.


                BIGGER - 8/10

                Enjoyed watching this movie, based on the famous Weider brothers. As a kid in the 60's Joe Weider mail order bodybuilding publications were top quality and inspirational, the 1st mail order I bought was his 7 lesson bodybuilding course, 6 were bodyweight and the 7th with unique old style dumbbells.

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                  Zootopia (2016) 8/10


                    Star Wars The Last Jedi Rating: -Infinity/10

                    First off, since you apperently have to be a racist/mysogynist/white power supremacist, toxic male Star Wars fanboy or all of the above to not like the movie, I have to say that politically I am pretty much left wing and I don´t care about gender, race, sexual orientation or whatever. As long as someone is not actively bothering me like Jehovas Witnesses you can do and be whatever the hell you want to be. Follow your dreams and stuff like that.

                    But holy fricking shut, what the hell was that? Last Jedi is a terrible movie, I would even go so far as to say that it is the movie that finally delivered the mercy kill to the franchise after Force Awakens tried so hard to murder it. Disney made one okay Star Wars movie (Rouge One) and the new trilogy is a cinematic abomination. The characters are not characters, they are statements. A good character has a character arc! See Luke or Han from the Orig Trig, those Guys (yeah I know they are men and the new Star Wars hates men) had an actual development. Luke went from that scruffy Nerf herder farmer boy to an actual hero, forgiving pure evil left and right, living after moral guidelines a little wrinkled space goblin taught him in a swamp. Han went from roguish selfish smuggler to a guy who actually accepted other human people into his life and learned to love. But Rey? B*llshit not-character that can instantly do anything because she is a woman, has no personal growth throughout the movies and does not know defeat. Orig Trig: Luke gets his arm chopped off by Daddy, sees his old desert hobo friend/teacher getting killed, Han get´s frozen in carbonite and Leia sees her home planet explode. Rey? Nope, no losses or defeat at all. And the other characters are so badly "written" that the whole movie feels wrong.

                    Examples and "highlights": Poe want´s to know Admiral Pinkys plan for dealing with the First Order, she says no (to her second in command!) because he got demoted for scoring a tactical and economical win by destroying that dreadnought (which is a complete illogical decision. Bombers and fighters can be built quite easily, but that dreadnought did cost a hell of a lot more credits than those few fighters lost. And a dreadnought could do a lot more damage, if commanded by an actual Admiral, and not a tactically retarded General like Hux. What use has an infantry commander on a ship??? WTF First Order!) Back to Poe. He has to stage a mutiny because he does not trust his leaders( for very good reason. What commander has a "secred plan", that btw is complete garbage, and does not share that plan with the other commanders?) and still Admiral Pinky refuses to tell the plan, because it´s supposed to be secret, but still slimy Benicio del Toro knows the plan somehow and is able to sell it out to the First Order. How? Why? What the hell?

                    Luke has become a complete *sshead. The guy that gave a second chance to his completely evil daddy is suddenly such a jerk that he decides that wannabe-Vader Kylo Ren is so beyond redemption that he even taunts him in his "battle" with Kylo. Even Mark Harmill said that this is not something Luke would have done!

                    Snoke, the deformed evil leader of the First Order gets chopped in half by Rey and Kylo. That guy is supposed to be an evil mastermind like Palpatine and about as powerful, and Mary Sue just kills him.

                    The complete Rebel Alliance gets killed except maybe a dozen guys in the Millenium Falcon and that dozen is all happy and stuff. What is wrong with those people? All your friends died (in a complete garbage way that rewrote hyperspeed. Why did nobody just send a droid in an X-.Wing into the Deathstar to explode it, when that is apparently how hyperspeed works now? This has to be retconned out somehow.), the Alliance is basically done since you are just 12 guys now and you are happy? Psychopath much?

                    Basically the point of Last Jedi is: "Trust women, even when they will get you killed by stupid behavior, because they are women and are better than you are" In trying to make Star Wars more attractive to women they ruined the franchise with terrible "stories", awfully "written" "characters" and reworks of the concepts of space travel that basically destroy the Orig Trig through the new canon. And they insulted the fans, after the fans told them that the movie was garbage. You do not bite the hands that shove money down your throat! Hell, Kathleen Kennedy and friends said that Marey Sue (see what I did there?) was supposed to be a strong female character, without having any idea what a character is supposed to be. They should have done the new trilogy Ahsoka Tano centered. She was a good female character, developed into a total badass and actually felt right in a world full of battlehardened Clones, incompetent droids and Obi Wan and Anakin. Hell, after thefirst seasons she became such a great character that she turned a fan favourite! A favourite of the " quote: racist, mysogynist, white power supremacist toxic male fanboys". She was not a human but a Togruta, was a young woman and still became a favourite. Because she was not an empty statement like Rey (Women can do anything better than men because the are women. That is just pure sexism. You are better than other people in something if you worked for it. Trained or studied.)

                    Holy sh... This "review" was much longer than I thought...


                      Since Last Jedi was so abhorrently bad I decided to save the day by watching the best movie ever made. Behold!

                      High Society. The original from 1956, not that strange geman society swap thing from 2017

                      The movie has all the good stuff. Music, booze, singing while being drunk, music, more music and even romance! And music. I´ve seen it so many times that I automaticaly sing along with it. Get´s a little bit difficult in the Sinatra and Crosby duett, but still doable.

                      The story is basically The Philadelphia Story in Newport. Rich white girl is about to marry a second time, this time the president of a mining company who worked his way up in life from working class miner to working class mine owner. Her first husband, a charming and rich songwriter is also in town for the big Jazz Festival. And two working class reporters from a tabloid arrive to the wedding, because their editor is blackmailing the family with an article about a affair of the head of the family. There will be alot of mischief, singing, drinking, partying and dancing. And singing.

                      It´s all about class in this movie, but barely any character is behaving classy. They scheme, insult and sing their way around the movie until they are drunk and some importang life changing decisions are made in the last five minutes.

                      Next point actors/singers. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm, Grace Kelly. And of course the charming black dude sitting in the back of the bus, Mr Louis Armstrong. Except for that bit of history related racism in the first scene, the movie is just great.

                      No matter how blue I feel when I watch it, I am always smiling after the first 30 seconds. I smile, sing and dance around, because that is what television is supposed to be. A tool to make you instantly happy. More movies should be like this


                        Legolo wow, you really did not like that movie ​​ I personally don’t necessarily agree with you in all of your points ( especially when I think about the really terrible Episode 2… compared to that Last Jedi was nearly a masterpiece) and I think you might have missed a few facts( like why Benicio del Torro was able to sell them out despite the plan being secret… etc). But hey tastes are different and that’s ok

                        I‘d probably rate it as a 6 or a 7 out 10, so ok but not great.


                          BusyBumbleBee I never said that the second trilogy was any good. I mean they have JarJar Binks! And podracers. And Qui Gon ruins the force in like two sentences... Episode 2 was okay, I liked the clone troopers. Although they were much better in 3 and the Clone Wars series.

                          And yeah, I might have been so distracted by the "untactical" stuff the characters did that I missed some small points.


                            Legolo No you didn‘t but you stated the new trilogy to be an abomination and that The Force awakens tried so hard to murder the franchise. To me that implies that everything that came before was somewhat better. And I don’t agree. That’s all.

                            Well untactical… Poe thought he knew better and payed the price in lives and finally demotion for his subordination, winning them nothing really, while the plan of his superiors was aimed at keeping alive as many of their people as possible by retreating and regrouping in a secret place. Due to his demotion he wasn’t second in command either ( and as far as I understood that he also hadn’t been before) so Admiral Pinky had to tell him exactly nothing … but again opinions can obviously differ here and that’s ok.

                            Regarding characters: I like Kylo Ren, he‘s deeply conflicted, angry and vulnerable so not exactly your standard villain. Snoke falls victim to his own hybris, much like the imperator, so not much difference there. Also Rey is not purely light but a bit ambivalent as well. Also to me I do see a development for her. In the beginning shes a lonely nobody who doesn’t belong anywhere desperately waiting for her family to return, so she’s on a mission to find out who she is and to find out what she can do, and where her place is, that is also not unlike Luke in my opinion, and so on, so regarding character development there is a lot more going on in my opinion than in Episode 1–3 and that is explicitly meant to be about character development of Anakin to Darth Vader…

                            I agree that there are plot holes and there is plenty of stuff I didn’t like about that film but yeah I still thought it to be an ok movie.


                              Bruce Springsteen on Broadway (on Netflix) - I would rate it an 8/10 - really cool to hear stripped down acoustic versions of classic Springsteen songs - especially Born in the USA and Dancin in the Dark! Plus cool to hear his stories, highly recommend it!


                                How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 7/10