The FitTap app by DAREBEE is a fun way to stay active throughout the day or play fitness dares with your family and friends. Every tap brings you a new fitness dare - take up the challenge... and tap again!

How to Play

Stay active at work: while at your desk tap the screen every hour to get a new dare… or two.

Dare your friends: Take turns completing the dares and see which one of you lasts longest - or who can complete each task faster.


This is an official DAREBEE app. It was developed by the DAREBEE resource ( and the DAREBEE Team.

The app is FREE (obviously). We did add a paid copy of this app called "Champion" but it is identical to the free one. The "Champion" copy is a way to donate to DAREBEE through the app store.

FitTap is currently available for Android only but an iOS version is already in the works.