Every year we host a virtual snowball fight in our Community, the Hive. Nothing says ‘Hey! It’s nice to meet you!’ like a snowball in your face!

How to participate

The SNOWFIGHT is a community event so you have to be a member of the DAREBEE community. The registration is free, just like everything else at DAREBEE, it’s quick and it’s easy. You have to register in order to claim a nickname. Then other DAREBEES will be able to tag you, a.k.a. throw a snowball at you.

How it works

Once someone throws a snowball at you - dodge it. Do 1 squat as soon as you’ve been tagged.

Every dodged snowball earns you two snowballs of your own that you can now throw at someone else. Tag them! Every tag gives you 24hrs to dodge and throw the snowballs yourself - before they melt.

Join The Fight Here.

The rules

1You have x2 snowballs to start with.

2Dodge as many snowballs as you can!

3Throw the snowballs you have!

41 dodged snowball earns you 2 of your own.

5You can tag (throw a snowball at) anyone - not everyone will respond, and that's ok.

6You can rejoin this event (or leave) at any time. Simply ignore the mentions or go into hiding (edit your profile and set yourself to Invisible Mode).

7Spread the "joy"! You can only throw 10 snowballs MAXIMUM at the same person in 24 hours.

Event Ends: Friday, December 18


To tag someone add @ in front of their nickname;
Don't know whom to tag? See who is online (at the bottom of the Hive’s homepage);
If emoticons don't come up on your device - use :snowball: for the snowball icon.

This is a free-for-all game
If you don't want to participate, simply don't respond - it's perfectly alright with everyone too.