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Each name on this wall represents a donation. It’s our way to honor and thank the people who support the project and keep it alive. 

Every day we begin a new list and then update it throughout the day. 

Can I choose how my name is displayed on the wall?

For privacy reasons we only post first names associated with each donation. When you donate, you can attach a note with a name you want displayed instead of your first name. You can display your full name, nickname or a name of a person you are dedicating this donation to. You can also ask us to display your full name, the name of your friend or family member e.g., “Anna & Sam”. 

Since this is a way to honor your donation and not for advertisement purposes, we do not display businesses or website addresses on the Wall. If you are making a donation using a business account, please attach a note with a name for us to display. 

I donated, when will my name appear on the Wall?

As soon as we receive the donation notification, we add your name to the list and then update the page as soon as we can. Since this is a manual process it may take several hours or it may take several minutes for your name to appear. 

If it’s been over 24 hours and your name didn’t appear for whatever reason, reach out to us and your name will be added to the next day’s list. Also keep in mind the time difference between countries. DAREBEE is based in Europe so the time difference between you and us can be quite significant. Your name may show up the following day or the day before depending on when the donation was made in regards to European time. 

I don’t want my donation to be recorded on the wall, what should I do?

Simply add a note “anonymous” in the NOTE section when you make the payment and your name will not appear on the wall at all. 

What happens if I am donating using Crypto?

In that case, you should reach out to us and let us know what name you would like us to display. We monitor our mailbox around the clock and we will see it. Please include a transfer code with your email so we can make sure your donation arrived OK. 

What if I have a subscription?

Each time we receive a donation, your name goes up on the wall. So if  you set up your subscription on the 15th of the month, your name will always be added to the list on the 15th of the month, as soon as we receive the notification. 

How often can my name appear on the list?

Once a day. Each time you donate, whether it’s a one-off or a subscription, your name goes up on the wall. 

The Wall of Honor is a new feature we are still testing to see how viable it is. We officially started the Wall on May 18, 2023. It is still in BETA.