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Fantastic !!! This is what the interwebs was made for. I cant get enough. I will be sharing this with everyone I encounter that is into or contemplating excercise

Ian Campbell
19 July 2015

This is by far the best Fitness website in the History of the Internet :D I Love it!!

Jason Nolan
19 July 2015

I'm 41, just gave birth to my first baby, have been out of my regular sports routine for almost a year now - and with this complete lifestyle change cannot afford spending hours at the gym, like I used to, for months (years?)) to come. Your Foundation program is literally bringing me back to life. :) Can't thank you enough!

16 July 2015

this is amazing right from the design to the entire database with all the workouts!


15 July 2015

A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU FOR THIS TREASURE!!! This site is AMAZING! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I really appreciate that it's free and that it has so many workouts. I want to describe how I feel but I'm just speechless. It's so great! Thank yoooou, Darebee team, for doing this!

15 July 2015

Wow! I saw the book on Amazon, and was going to buy it, but I then saw the review and googled the page. Found the full book FREE here :) this and hasfit have made all the difference in my fitness! Thank you so much!( suggestion: 90 day boxing match preparation?) ps: this is the best site I have found for boxers like myself to do 30 day fighter specific workouts :):):):) love the great job

12 July 2015

Best workout site on the web!

11 July 2015

This project is amazing. It's been my workout routine for a year at least, I think it's the idea behind it that's really ground breaking. Body weight workout, healthy lifestyle and feeling good with yourself. Thanks!

07 July 2015




07 July 2015

This site is a ma zing! I found it by Facebook and I am so glad to. You re doing an excellent job.Keep going working!!

01 July 2015

The workout plans here are awesome. I started with a simple pick and choose from the workouts available for a week then i found the hero challenge. I am on day 40 today and loving it! I have never gone worked out this much, I only missed one day so far. I am seeing a lot of results in not only weight loss my muscle definition too!

Ken O
29 June 2015

This website is absolutely incredible! I will definitely donate!

27 June 2015

This is the best page of fitness in the world.


Felipe Dahlquist
25 June 2015

Okay, so i would really want to say that this is absolutely amazing site. The best about this site is that valuable informations are all free!! And it is ad free. The exercises are so easy to understand. I have surfed through internet for years and never found a workout good for me, they were so complicated or had to pay, but this site is different. For those who is about to workout, do it right now. I started Batman Challenge and changed the diet as this site told, and i have seen change in 3 weeks!!!!!!
Thank you!

Zolboo Erdenebaatar
23 June 2015

This page is so excellent . every thing here is perfect .... i live with this DAREBEE page .

keep on !

Good job .

17 June 2015

This site is fantastic, I had just one question about the workouts that include dumbells, such as hammer or this style. When doing it, the proper form to do it is with the same weight all the set? Because for example and can lift much more weight with bicepS curls or shoulder press than other movements involving smaller muscles

Alfons Porro i Martorell
17 June 2015

I am so happy I found this web site =)

16 June 2015

I love this page. Even if I just do one set of an exercise every day, I get fitter. I get motivated, and this page has so many different options for everyones needs. I'd just like a way to access the past [workout] weeks so I can still do them if I missed them

15 June 2015

This site has been an amazing help to get me back into a fitness routine. I don't have a lot to say, except that it has been super helpful. (And that the protein bars that I made from the recipe on here are super yummy.) I've hung the motivational posters around my classroom and shared the site with everyone who is looking for some motivation to get healthy. :)

15 June 2015

This is the very best site by far.
Not only I find way too many amazing programs, challenges and info, it also helps me doing new excercises and not getting into a single boring routine.
I have already shared this site to many friends as I do believe in DAREBEE, everyday I see the results not only on my body, but in my mind.
Thank you all!

11 June 2015

Darebee is amazing! This is exactly what I need - options for when I workout! Thanks to Darebee, I'm working out 6 days a week. The challenges are my favorite. I struggled to do even 10 push ups when I started 2 months ago. Now I'm doing the Batman challenge. Up to 150 push ups and feeling/looking amazing.

09 June 2015

Although I've been visiting this site for like a year, the Daily Dare series has kicked my fitness into overdrive, and now I'm getting through the updated Hero's Journey program. I've put on a fair bit of muscle after only a few days of several exercises at once.

Thankyou Neila and the Darebee team!


John Scott (Sci-fi Author)
06 June 2015

Have been folowing you for a while now so I thought I would give you my 2 cents worth.

In a word "Fanatastic" or perhaps "Great" or maybe "Amazing" but more than not all three combined.

I am a 55yr old, retired 33 year veteran cop. For years I had access to by Departments world class gyms & due to the nature of the work used them every day, sometimes a couple of times a day.

Heavy weights, moderate weights, crossfit style workouts for days on end, years on get the picture.

All of that relentless pounding started taking a toll. Nagging injuries, aches, pains. Working out in the twilight of my career was turning into a dreaded daily chore. What was the next injury, pain or ache.

About 3 yrs ago I came across your website when I started exploring for alternatives.

Well fast forward 3 yrs & I have since retired & still doing your workout daily. Sometimes if I'm feeling chipper I will mix a couple of them together just for an added challenge.

So what have been the benefits over a world class gym;

1). I can do your workouts anywhere/anytime, basement, garage, patio, hotel room.
2). No fancy equipment required. (See above)
3). Aches, pains have diminished & I haven't injured myself once.
4). Variety. No boredom. Mix & match.
5). Can't do a can easily modify or add something that you can do.
7). No need for a spotter!
8). It's simple. No weird or wacky pretzel like moves that you need a trainer for.

There are probably a few more but these are the main ones. Keep up the amazing work & thank you!

06 June 2015

I love this site :) it's really helpful - the meal plans and the character-based fitness programs are awesome - thank you!!! Do you take requests for characters? I love Disney's Brave - if a fitness program could be based around that, that would be epic :)

05 June 2015