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I used to do different fitness programms, mostly involving some sort of app and some sort of virtual coach who gave me each week some workouts to do. I did that for one year and a half, until I got tired of using some coach who didn't know me, my body, my needs. If you have been doing sports for a while, you know that nobody knows your body better than yourself. So being your own coach is something, everyone should look for.
Then I discovered Darebee. And I was from the beginning pleasantly surprised. There are soooo many workouts to choose from, so many challenges, so many programs, so many exercises. Basically you have everything in one internet site. Even if you are not very disciplined and you need a coach, you can choose a programm and just follow it. Programms are according to your level. Workouts can be filtered to what you want. You can start more challenges and alternate the days and the exercises. My goal is to do all of them.
Everything is free of charge, one can support through sponsoring, and I think we all, who use this site on a regular basis, should contribute.
Negs - there are not that many pullup / bar exercises (pulling, abs) and no ring exercises but hey, you can do the pullup challenge by doing close pullups / commando pullups instead of the normal ones. At the moment I am doing the pullup challenge and I try to do each pullup very slow, in a 4 sec - 2 sec - 4 sec timing.
Great site and I hope it will continue to grow.
Thanks guys !

02 March 2017

Wanna thank you for sharing this great site.

I do dynamic Dumbbells with Cardio(1 KG) two weeks now and i lost 6 kg!

Keep it up from the Netherlands!

02 March 2017

I struggled with sticking with workouts. I couldn't go more than 2 weeks without throwing in the towel. DAREBEE has changed me. I find myself constantly scrolling through workouts and plans so that I challenge myself through every workout. DAREBEE has helped me gain roughly 10 lbs of muscle in my first month. I love the welcoming community and the support from every member. This is truly one of the reasons why I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. Thank you.

15 January 2017

Hi to all the Darebee team. Im a 21 boy of Spain, and i write u to say thanks. I dont like pay for do ejercises, like gyms, and when i found this page, i was very happy. Your page is wonderfull, and your workouts too. Now im doing "the total abs" and "the shields" workouts, and have theirs benefits. I play in a soccer team as goalkeeper, and this workouts help me so much, now im a real best hahahaha. Greetings from Spain

10 January 2017

Hi Darebee crew,
I stumbled upon your website a week ago looking for HIIT programs. I am very impressed with all the different workouts and programs that are on offer. I absolutely love the interactive Age of Pandora Quest workout (i am now on day 3 chapter 3), and already feel like I have more energy. You guys are awesome!!!

10 January 2017

I really love darebee. I've been using the site on and off for years, and I love it to pieces. it makes it so much easier to find workouts that work for me, for the time I have, for the fitness level I'm at. The Hive is great as well, it's awesome to get the level of support and community that the hive offers. I 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone who asks.

10 December 2016

The wonderful crew of Darebee,

I was looking for a good, solid full body workout I could do dairy in the morning before facing the world and going to a job I don't like.

The website, not very well structured, used one of your workouts: "The 5 Minute Plank Workout". I used that workout daily and later noticed the web address at the bottom of the workout sheet after I printed it out.

I made the visit to Darebee and I never looked back since. That was a few months ago!!

I have never worked out daily until I, WITH GREAT DESTINY, found Darebee!! I feel better everyday after "The 15 Minute Morning Workout (with addtion to the morning Ab routine) to the 30 day programs I'm trying for the first time. Absolutely wonderful content, deeply informative, beautiful layouts throughout, God I could go on and on and on and ON!

The end this review, I also want to mention how amazed I am that this is all funded through donations! This website is what people would and SHOULD be paying for! You guys saved me 100's of dollars from signing up for a gym membership, getting a nutritionist, personal trainers and renting space.

I will put in a monthly donation for Darebee starting next month to eternity for the incredible value you guys worked so hard in providing for everyone. My personal values are in line with yours and I can truthfully say that discovering this website gave me confidence in my own ambitions in life and had BOOSTED me to remain focused and happy!

A million thank you's to the crew of Darebee.

25 October 2016

DAREBEE's workouts are the best workouts I have ever done. About five years ago I lost 50 pounds with the help of a personal trainer. Losing the weight and being accountable to a trainer was manageable. It wasn't until I had to maintain the weight loss by myself that it became extremely difficult. For the past five years, I've struggled to consistently stay disciplined to exercise regularly. Then, I found Now, working out is fun, energizing and something I look forward to. I no longer feel like I'm "required" to work out. My outlook is so much more positive and I'm no longer working out because there's something I'm trying to fix. I workout now because it's something I value and enjoy. Thank you DAREBEE! Your website is fantastic, the workouts are effective, and the resources are invaluable. I can't wait to try all the new stuff you have coming out in the near future!

03 October 2016

Thank you, for this amazing project
I've never felt the motivation to do exercise until now, because you have created original and easy-to-follow routines, love you :)

21 September 2016

Hi guys. I haven't been able to donate as much as I'd like to, but I wanted to let you know that this site has facilitated a big life change for me. I've started working out regularly for the first time in many years and am not only enjoying the workouts, but also feeling so much healthier, mentally and physically. I can't afford gym memberships or classes, so this site has really helped me to get off my feet and go at my own pace in getting back into a workout routine! I'm loving it. Thanks for what you do; I love your story and will do my best to share it with friends!

12 September 2016

Maan i dont know how to thank u . U are the best best plans challenge recipes fitness guide Everything u need is in one place i spread this site to 100+ ppl i hope there will be more challenge !! Thank u agaaiin

04 September 2016

Wow, what a site. I like to find workouts and print them off from google to keep and use.
Stumbled upon this site and the workouts are brilliant and the site is so professionally made. PDF downloads are a major bonus.
I hate paying for anything, but this site is so good, i decided to make a donation!
Still cant believe the whole thing is free!!!!!

Stephen, UK
29 August 2016

Darebee's HIIT works every time. I think I've done it 10 times already and will continue to do so. It slimmed me down and made me stronger. I wish they could make a mobile app for 30 days of HIIT soon! I'll fully pay for it! Thank you!

20 August 2016

at first, sorry for my english, I´m not a native speaker. I´d just like to thank you for theese awesome pages. In the past, I was not able to kick myself to do something for my health. Mostly doing the opposite. A lot of food, alc, soft drugs etc... I was aimed right to hell with my height of 195cm and 110kg mostly of fat. Then I found theese pages and started with 30 days of change level II. I´ve done 16 days so far and I feel SO MUCH better in all ways. Not just physically, also mentally. I have so much energy right now. Your pages are changing my life to better way, so I´m telling about you to all my friends and collegues. So please, don´t stop, continue with what you do, couse it can chang lives. Thank you!

04 August 2016

I'm only 15 but I consider myself a rather well-rounded athlete who has competed in a number of sports (predominantly soccer but cross-country, track, and a hint of martial arts as well). Before I found this I stuck with rather monotonous workouts consisting of nothing but large amounts running, push-ups, pullups, and lunges. Of course after a while I plateaued and began to dread workouts of banging out as many reps of the same thing over and over again and not seeing any more results. Then I found Darebee and started military fit on level 2-3. After that I tried Boxer Prime and now I do custom made programs that consist of V workouts performed on level 3. I gotta tell you, even though my workouts now are considerably harder than they were before I found Darebee (the V workouts quite honestly feel like a swift kick in the balls sometimes), I look forward to each workout. I love how each workout is never like the next and how they keep your body guessing. I've seen great results from the workouts and a new part of my body gets sore every day of the week. I've seen my overall physical performance improve a lot from this website and the best part, it's all free and easy to navigate, no hassle or gimmicks. Kudos to you guys, keep it up.

04 August 2016

My heartfelt thanks to the DAREBEE Team!

I've never seen a site quite like it! It's extraordinarily organized and everything from the workouts to the recipes is spot on!

I searched all over the internet for something like this, unfortunately after all the browsing nothing really caught my eye. I've been on one of the programs recently, it has certainly improved my performance. Once again, you guys deserve all the credit for the amount of work that has been put into this project.


04 August 2016

Wow! Ive just by chance bumped into your site. Im really stoked that you people have put this resource together (and share this information freely). Good for you! And good for me too!! I have no qualms at all about donating to this project. Its so well designed and easy to follow and navigate. I salute you all with all my heart!!! Thankyou. Many blessings,

21 July 2016

I can't afford time and money going to the gym and I'm quite shy in crowded place so this site provides me most of the things I need which is totally awesome beyond words :D
I've known this site by accidentally when I was searching for work out plans and it was called Neila Ray back then. I'm currently following the 30 days of gravity at level 3 and it felt great. As a designer, I love the design of the site, poster, programs and everything, even such small details like timer, set counter, goals ... Every challenge is fresh and fun to do and not so dreadful. It's such a creative idea to make it looks like a game with levels too. I can't even describe all wonderful things about the site (not to mention the meals, plans, tips...) :D
I also have some feedback that some of the exercises have different names and/or illustrations compared to the ones in the exercise library. Some didn't have demonstration videos. A few demonstration videos in the exercise library don't have explanation like "targeted muscle".
I hope that this site is still free and available to everyone in near future. I also wish that the team at Darebee have good supporters/donators, creativity, motivation, passion and all the best things to keep the site running.

Love from Vietnam,

Long Nguyen
20 July 2016

What can I say about this site? It's simply wonderful and best of all, free!
-The classification of workouts makes it a lot easier to browse when time is scarce, whereas the choice between levels 1,2 and 3 makes them a lot more challenging for the body.
-Programs are created in a smart way so that they resemble some sort of RPG game, thus making it more fun to work out --or better yet Level Up!-- for free instead of dreading every gym session.
-Excellent exercise video library with clear instructions.
-The challenges are motivating and help each individual become a better version of themselves while boosting his/her confidence.
-The meal plans are realistic and actually easy to stick to, which is a major plus.
-Running, even for newbies now seems much less intimidating thanks to the variety of guides under the corresponding tab.
-Can't say much about the Hive though...haven't been there so far.

Generally, I'm in love with this site but I'd really love it if there was some sort of workout plan maker, where each user would design their personalised workout by selecting exercises from some sort of "exercise library". Additionally there could also be a column to note goals (e.g. weight, water consumption goals e.t.c) in order to visualise them daily, making implementation as well as achievment a whole lot easier.

***personal experience with Darebee***
As a martial artist, I used to struggle for a long time with improper and self-made diet/exercise plans. Thankfully this stopped the day I decided to print Hero's Journey and actually take some time to read the nutrition articles. Been seeing both mental and physical results since the day I decided to commit to this new lifestyle. Thanks to Darebee it all seems much easier to manage now!! :D

18 July 2016

For about 2 years I was relatively inactive, I would maybe workout for 2-3 days in a row, but would then quit for months at a time. Then I found this site and decided enough was enough. I did Spartan trials (mainly due to its cool name) and got into the groove of working out again. I saw results pretty early which motivated me more and I worked out everyday. Right now I go to the gym nearly every day and I owe it all to the darebee team for helping me become healthy and fit again.

13 July 2016

Thank you Darebee team for all or your efforts! We appreciate it so much! This is the best gym. It's so fun and creative.

I found your site while Googling HIIT workouts. The day I found your site, I cancelled my membership to the gym.

I support you guys monthly, and hope others will too. Fitness for everyone. No more excuses.

13 July 2016

I can't say enough about darebee!! My husband, two boys (10 and 11) and myself are doing the Age of Pandora workout right now. At first the boys and hubby moaned and groaned about having to have family workout time. (I was watching an expanding waist line on the hubby and sons who were learning how to be lazy and overeat). However after the first two weeks everyone is excited to do it and can't wait to see what is next.
I believe you all are amazing and I am so thrilled to have discovered your site. You play to the nerd in me by the names of your workouts and we love the interactive game we are "playing". Thank you so much for doing what you do and bringing exercise into my house of lazy gamers! You have become a staple in my life and I hope you stay around for a VERY long time! I share your site with anyone who will listen because it is a great way to involve every member of the family and is FUN. I hope I can share great weight loss with you in the future but right now I am just thrilled I am getting stronger and building my endurance. (I have been very sick for the past five years and had to stop running and working out because of it). Welcome to our family! Live long and prosper!

13 July 2016

Darebee is the single most valuable resource for fitness I have ever used. I started a few months ago, drawn in by a handful of workouts, but wound up so impressed by the wealth of information and resources available here that I gave up my daily visits to other sites.

I print and laminate the workouts that match my training goals, so I always have them on hand, and I just go through them when I am writing my 2 week plans. There are so many that it's easy to go months without repeating the exact same workout, so things never get boring! The frequent appearance of new challenges, workouts, and of course the Daily Dares keep visits exciting and fitness motivating. The forums at The Hive are supportive and friendly, so unlike other fitness sites I've used.

I am proud to report that since starting with Darebee on April 2, I have lost 26 pounds -- NONE of which was muscle (BF was loss, LM retained)! I started at Level I, just like most people probably will, but now I'm doing most of the workouts at Levels II & III. Between the fat loss, streamlining of my appearance (muscles that pop!), and the increase it fitness, I feel like Darebee has helped me more successfully than any paid program or professional coaching I've ever used.

I am eternally grateful for this resource and Darebee's contribution to my self improvement. The commitment this team has to making fitness accessible, motivating, and functional is incredible -- THANK YOU!

26 June 2016

Hey! This is a really awesome project, and I want you to know that its totally appreciated. I've been looking, mostly unsuccessfully, for a resource like this for a very long time. You guys rock.

22 June 2016