Shrimp squats - how to check right position

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  • Shrimp squats - how to check right position

    I'm wondering if there is a way to check if I'm doing the shrimp squats in the right way. I'm trying keeping the back straight as much as I can or bending in front. It has different effect on how I do the squat.
    So, I'm doing the iron glutes 30 day challenge and after the 4th I felt my butt burning... that's good, means I'm doing something right. My girlfriend is almost done with the 30 days and she said she didn't felt anything... so I suppose she's not doing it right (or maybe it's me). We can't check on each other because we are far apart at the moment.
    Any suggestion on how to check the right position/what is the right position for this?

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    When doing shrimp squats, lean forward to balance yourself while keeping your back straight. How much you have to lean forward depends on how deep you squat. To do a perfect shrimp, ideally your knee should gently touch the ground, but that requires great balancing and might be difficult in the beginning. (Might wanna place something soft under your knee). So doing them halfway, like here, is okay too. A good way to check your form is to find a reflective surface and train in front of it. (It needn't be a mirror, anything where you can make out yourself will do)