Awards & Badges

After you complete any of the DAREBEE programs you can claim a badge for your profile in the Hive, the DAREBEE community. You can download them in high resolution and print them out:

High Resolution Badges (plain) .PDF
High Resolution Badges (honeycomb design) .PDF

Below you can also download the DAREBEE certificates of achievement for each of the programs:

The Foundation Program
The Foundation Light Program
Boxer Prime Program
< Totals > Program
Spartan Trials Programs
Strength Protocol Program
Hero’s Journey Program
Total Abs Program
30 Days of Cardio Blast Program
30 Days of Change
30 Days of Gravity
30 Days of Strength
90 Days of Action
Military Fit Program
Combat HIIT Program
Fighter’s Codex Program
Cardio Trim Program
30 Days of HIIT
30 Days of HIIT Advanced
Age of Pandora (Phoenix Design) 
Age of Pandora (Fist Design)
The Avatar Program (hers)
The Avatar Program (his)

If you have access to a 3D printer you can also download 3D templates (developed by Oleg_Scolt) and get a badge of any of the programs 3D printed.